Natural-light photographer serving the Boise metro area including Meridian, Eagle, Garden City & Nampa.

Class of 2012: Bailey

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!  We’ve got spirit, how about you?  Does anyone else remember the cheers from their high school football games?  After meeting up with Bailey, a senior cheerleader from Capitol High, last week…I got to thinking about how much I used to enjoy screaming my lungs out on chilly Friday nights.  Speaking of which…Bailey officially wins my Senior Trooper award for braving a particularly cold and dreary session.  However, thanks to the cloud cover, the lighting was absolutely amazing.  We started off Bailey’s session in Kathryn Albertson Park, where some of the Fall colors are just starting to emerge.  Then, we headed down to Hyde Park to capture a few urban/retro inspired shots right along the historic district’s main drag.  Towards the end of the shoot, a couple of Bailey’s friends joined us for some girlfriend shots.  (Made me miss my besties!)  Bailey, you were so fantastic to work with!  Thank you for putting up with the wind and cold…and all of my crazy antics.  I’d also like to thank Bailey’s mom, Chris, for helping out with the shoot.  (Due to rescheduling, my fabulous assistants were unavailable.)  I can’t wait to get started on the rest of your pics!


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