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Amanda Allard Photography 2011 Rewind

I know it’s almost March, but it’s never too late for a little love.  A big beautiful thank you to my amazing 2011 clients!  I traveled through 5 states to snap this year’s round up…and enjoyed every minute capturing these wonderful moments.


Meet My Team: Ashley & Michelle

This post is long overdue!  But I have a good excuse…I promise.  I’ve been unexpectedly busy since moving my photography business to Idaho!  I’m loving the fact that I’m finally a full-time photographer.  It’s something that I’ve been dreaming about since my portrait business took off in Minnesota!  It has been so fun getting to know the Boise area and finding new places to shoot.  I have to say…living in a larger city definitely has its advantages!  Including…an awesome college (go BSU!) which has a Photography program.  I was completely overwhelmed by the response that I received last June when I placed an ad for a Photography Assistant on the campus website!  I received approximately 35 resumes…and slowly but surely narrowed down the candidates to two! Meet Ashley and Michelle…my new go-to gals.  I’m so excited to have you girls helping me out!

Class of 2012: Amber

Oh how I love grad season!  Especially when I get to meet up with pretty girls like Amber, a 2012 senior from Centennial High School.  I mean seriously…have you ever seen eyes light up like hers?  Not only is this girl gorgeous, but she’s also incredibly smart.  Amber is active in Centennial’s competitive speech program and plans to study law after she graduates next Spring.  Lucky for me, this girl was game for just about anything, so we started her session downtown in Boise’s Freak Alley.  (I love the City of Boise for setting aside this space for artists.)  There were so many murals to choose from, it was hard to pick and choose our backgrounds.  After we captured the color downtown, Amber did a quick outfit change and we headed over to Albertson Park to capture some photos in a more natural setting.  The light was buttery soft by the time we got there….so it was hard to stop shooting.  But we had one more stop!  Just before sun down, we ran up to Centennial High to wrap up the shoot with a few shots of Amber in front of her school.  Such a fun evening!  Thanks for selecting me to capture your grads, Amber!  I can’t wait to share your full gallery with you!

Homecoming: Bria + Kevin

On Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Bria & Kevin.  Kevin is currently serving in the United States Army in Afgahnistan, so this beautiful couple has had to spend some time apart this past year.  Last week, Bria traveled all the way from Alaska to Idaho to welcome her husband home.  If you need evidence as to how much these two miss each other, just look at the pictures below.  (You two were so amazing to work with!)  During the shoot, Bria mentioned that she has worn out all of her favorite pictures of the two of them.  (She has looked at them daily since Kevin was deployed).  Bria, I hope this shoot has provided you with some new favorites to flip through until Kevin returns home safe…for good.  Enjoy the rest of your precious time together.  I hope to see you again next year, after you relocate to the Boise area!

* A special thanks to Wood River Cellars for allowing us to use their vineyard and grounds for this special homecoming shoot *

** Bria, here’s the special ANTM reference I promised you during our shoot…the camera loves you!  **

She Said Yes! Lee + Michelle

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of traveling back to my hometown of Fargo, ND to capture the wedding of one of my oldest childhood friends.  Some of you may remember Lee & Michelle from their April engagement session.  I was so thrilled that these two had a beautiful day for their wedding!  Lee & Michelle agreed to brave the summer heat so we could capture a few outdoor photos of them prior to their ceremony.  (You guys were such troopers!  That goes for your wedding party too!)  We kicked things off at Trollwood Park, where Lee spent much of his youth riding around on his big wheel and exploring the banks of the Red River.  The park hasn’t changed much in the past 25 years…so it was fun to use the grounds and a few of the park’s colorful buildings as backdrops.

After we captured their outdoor portraits, we made our way to Hope Lutheran Church (North Campus) for their ceremony.  It had been years since I’d been in the church’s sanctuary.  It is such a stunning backdrop for a wedding.

After saying their “I do’s”, we threw on our dancing shoes and headed downtown to the Radisson.  Lee & Michelle, every last detail at your reception was absolute perfection!  It was truly an honor to capture your wedding day.  Here’s to Mr. & Mrs. Rieniets…(wait that’s what I used to call your parents, Lee)…wishing the two of you many years of wedded bliss together.

P.S.  Many thanks to my Midwest Assistant, Jeannette!  She did a wonderful job helping me at my last three weddings!  Couldn’t have done it without you, Mom!

She Said Yes! Pascha + Abbot

I will always remember my time in Duluth, simply because it is where my photography business took root.   So…it seemed rather fitting that the very last thing I did before I left was capture the beautiful wedding of Pascha and Abbot at the Northland Country Club.  I said it at least a million times the day of the wedding, and I’m going to say it again…Pascha, you are simply stunning!  You and Abbot did such a magnificant job of planning an elegant and classy event for your closest friends and families.  It was truly an honor to capture every detail…including the Flower Cart’s refreshing summer centerpieces.   Thank you again for selecting me to capture your day.  I hope you are relishing your time together as a new family!

He Popped the Question: Kelly & Bob

I’m sitting in an empty house (our moving truck is not scheduled to arrive until the first week of August), but that hasn’t stopped me from settling in to our new home and jumping back into work.  I have to thank Kelly & Bob for their patience over the past couple of weeks as I moved across three states, waited for internet access and created a make-shift work station in our new home.  (Moving is hard work!)  I was so happy that these two were able to arrange a trip up to the North Shore for some camping (and their engagement session) prior to my move out West.  We started out their session at Chester Creek, one of Duluth’s many hidden gems, before heading down to the populated Canal Park area.  Kelly & Bob’s yellow lab, Sky, was particularly happy to romp around in the cool waters of Lake Superior when we headed across the Aerial Bridge to snap a few beach shots.  I am so thrilled that I get to reconnect with this couple again in January for their winter wedding in the Fargo/Moorhead area!